Noogie, Schnoomie, Fraker

Noogie likes stealing his sisters toys, greenies, frak, people food

Going to the cardiologist, his sister stealing back her toys

Favorite Toy:
Fingers, Top to the hamster ball, Pink flamingo

Favorite Food:
Cheese, Oranges, Pizza

Favorite Walk:
To the bathroom to go potty on the floor

Best Tricks:
Scaring mommy and daddy with his cough and murmur, fraking

Arrival Story:
The breeder we got our Priscilla from had a baby for sale with a heart murmur. We wanted to get a new dog and he was a special dog we thought we could give a good home. When we got Nugget he was in worse shape than we thought with a horrible cough and his murmur seemed severe. We took Noogie to a cardiologist and found out he has a grade 4 PDA and will need heart surgery once he is big enough. His cough is due to the beginnings of congestive heart failure, so he is on quite a few medications to help keep him going till he is big enough for surgery.

Coming Soon!

Cheese Please! FRAK!


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