Promotional Logo Keychains

Promotional key tags, logo keychains, and custom key fobs are universally accepted promotional items with an appeal that never seems to wear out. The category grew even larger last year with the introduction of the promotional carabiner key tag and logo carabiner key clasp. Whether you call them logo key chains, logo key rings, or logo key tags, we have a custom printed key holder just right for your budget. Identity Links offers the most complete collection in the industry, with prices well below those of our local competitors. Plus, we can custom produce virtually any shape in order to replicate your product, symbol or logo. Our direct import division can also work closely with you on larger orders (10,000 or more) to bring in goods directly from overseas.

All of our custom printed logo key tags and logo key rings include your custom printed message and logo. Rush service is also available. Just call or e-mail an experienced sales representative and we can give you all of the details.

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What kind of customized keychains do we offer?

At last count, there were over 3,000 styles of multi-use, or dual-function key tags available in the Promotional Products industry. With so many choices available, it is often difficult for the ad specialty buyer to determine which branded key tag will best serve his or hers needs. The attached list categorizes the most popular styles of imprinted dual function key tags and key holders.

Bottle opener key tags

Bottle opener key tags are one of the most popular dual function key tags we offer. Most are low priced for mass distribution at beer fests, fairs, and music fests. However, they are also available with upscale designs, suitable for executive or corporate gifts. Many styles are also available with a flashlight or folding knife blade. The industry offers over 120 bottle opener key tag shapes catered to the automotive, healthcare, and home related industries.

Novelty shaped key tags and vinyl keychains

Bestselling theme shaped key tag shapes include the guitar, skeleton, hammer, key, dog, car, and pistol. Many of the styles are available with a laser engraved imprint, and several shapes are available with a full-color printing option! Our vinyl cut shaped key tags are available in a plethora of shapes or can be custom cut to match your logo or design.

Flashlight key tags and LED keychains

This popular multi-use keychain option comes in a wide selection of shapes, styles and price points, both with and without batteries. Our custom LED key chains are available in a large variety of shapes, and many offer the option of a full color imprint to bring your logo to the next level. Our exclusive Identity Keylights are made to order with ability to match almost any custom shape with a minimal or no die-cut fee.

Key tag tools

Branded screwdriver key tags are the #1 choice for advertisers with a limited budget. Screwdriver key chains come with both a Phillips and standard blade attachment, tucked securely into the body with a screw-on cap. More elaborate tool keytags may include a mini wrench, pliers, hammer, scissors, and knife blade. When more than two functions are included, your promotional products dealer will probably refer to them as Multi Tool Key tags. Pocket knife key tags and box cutter key tags, both available with custom imprinting, are the top choices for B2B advertisers.

Personal care key chains

Marketers in the health care industry can choose from imprinted key tags with attachments such as dental floss, a folding cup, pill holders, nail clippers or nail files. When targeting beauty or salon clients and prospects, key tag mirrors, lipstick holders, and folding combs are the product of choice.

Utility and tech related keychains

Both the compass key tag and thermometer key tag are logical choices when the target market is known to be outdoor or hunting related. Examples of tech related keychains include the USB port tag, laser pointer key tag, and screen cleaner key tag. Utility keychains include essentials that have universal capability. For example, a key tag with an attached magnifier, breathalyzer, or eye glass cleaner. Our bestselling version is the tape measure key tag, available in 3 different sizes. Many of the utility key tags are available with a full color imprint option.

Fidget and stress reliever key tags

Mini sized stress relievers, available in over 75 different configurations, are often attached to a key tag in order to add additional functionality. Fidget keychains, also referred to as bubble popper key chains, are also available in many shapes and sizes to help relieve tension or stress.

What is a multi function key tag and why use them to promote?

The promotional products industry is the final mediator for organizing the thousands of products available with custom imprint or logo. If a key tag serves any purpose other than holding or storing keys, it will often be listed in their data base as a multi-use, or dual function key tag. Savvy marketing professionals realize the value of promoting their product or service with a logo branded multi-use keychain. They understand that most recipients will gladly exchange their single use key tag for one that also contains a practical use item such as a flashlight, screwdriver, nail file, bottle opener, key finder, or tire gauge. Since key tags are viewed on a daily basis, the advertiser's brand or message receives continuous exposure. The likelihood of the key tag being used increases with the amount of utility that it provides, and Identity Links is proud to offer hundreds of dual function key tag options to meet your marketing needs!

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