Who Uses Promotional Products?

Who Uses Promotional Products?

Who Uses Custom printed Promotional Products?

The promotional products industry has become the third largest advertising medium behind TV and magazine advertising. It's a dynamic form of targeted advertising that continues to grow each year. 

18 billion dollars is spent each year on various types of imprinted corporate logo gifts, promotional pens, corporate apparel,  and thousands of other types of giveaways. So who is actually buying these custom logo products? Consider this wide range of promotional products users:

Hospitals - Yes, the marketing manager at your local hospital is competing for patients with other nearby facilities. For example, custom printed maternity items like logo baby bibs, birthing blankets, and customized diaper bags are given to expectant mothers to encourage them to use their birthing center. Imprinted tote bags and customized literature bags with the hospital's name are given out at community events, and health fairs, to remind prospects about the services and conveniences of choosing their hospital for their elective stay.  Hospitals also sponsor health clinics and seminars about Breast Cancer Awareness, Stop Smoking Clinics, and Diet classes. Participants leave these events with an imprinted cancer awareness guide, a pink ribbon logo key tag, or a similar item customized with the hospital's name.  These imprinted hospital marketing items serve the purpose of building good will within the community and encourage the recipient to use the hospital's services when an emergency situation arises.

Political Candidates -  Custom printed buttons and imprinted bumper stickers with the candidates name serve as a low cost way of putting the candidates name out to the public.  Even a low cost, imprinted key chain in a #1 shape helps remind voters that the candidate is the best choice for the office.   Campaign managers also purchase imprinted plastic bags that they stuff with campaign literature that they leave on the door handle of every home in the area.

Trade Show Marketers - The job of every trade show manager is to attract visitors to the booth or display. Having an imprinted trade show giveaway in the booth gives the attendee incentive stop in to receive a free imprinted gift. Many trade show marketers will have more than one type of trade show giveaway available. They often purchase a low cost imprinted giveaway to anyone who enters the booth, and another more costly logo gift given to existing clients and serious prospects.  Custom imprinted water bottles, logo stress relievers, and convention bags are popular trade show handouts, along with custom printed post it notes, and imprinted highlighter sets.

Human Resource Managers - HR managers need to let it be known that they value every employee. They use imprinted desk top promotional products to let employees know how much they are valued.  Custom imprinted desk clocks, Non-Spill logo coffee mugs, or picture frames with the corporate logo are given to employees as a way of saying thank you.  Corporate logo polo shirts and jackets are often given to new hires, as a way of welcoming them to the team, and to help build company loyalty.  Logo calculators, imprinted wrist rests, and customized desk mirrors are all used  as employee gifts to help keep up moral.
Imprinted promotional products are also used at job fairs and recruitment events.   Attention getting gift ideas like logo light up pens, logo brain teasers and even imprinted yo-yos, have all been used with a corporate logo to remind potential employees about their visit with the recruiter.

Schools and Colleges - Custom printed items with a school logo are used by administrators as alumni gifts, fund raisers, school spirit boosters, and customized awards.  Schools also use imprinted lanyards and ID pouches for students, imprinted rally towels and megaphones, custom logo stadium cushions and imprinted logo bookmarks. These are either sold as fundraisers, or given to students and parents to help build loyalty.  Custom school mascot items are given as keepsakes that stay long after graduation, and establish a link with the school that leads to financial donations in the years ahead.  Imprinted school lunch boxes, promotional backpacks and imprinted dog tags with the school logo have all been used as part of ongoing school awareness campaigns.

Meeting Planners - Whether it's a sales meeting for top performers, or a meeting to sell time share plans, meeting planners know the value of giving an imprinted logo gift to participants. Custom journal books, imprinted pens, or custom printed candy jars all serve as reminders of the meeting. A custom meeting gift is a way to let the participants know that their attendance was appreciated, plus they leave feeling that they have received something in return for their time. Meeting planners also use logo mints, and personalized bottled water throughout the meeting.

Retailers - Savvy retailers know that offering a free gift with purchase will always help attract new sales. Imprinted logo pedometers have helped diet product stores attract new customers, and custom printed book lights are used for the purchase of a new publications.  Retailers are also aware of the value of imprinted shopping tote bags and custom plastic bags. These act as walking billboards for their store, and bring awareness to everyone who views them.  The logo bags are then used and reused by the customer, reminding them of the retailer's services.  New car dealers realize the value of imprinted logo gifts, by offering a free pair of imprinted driving gloves for taking a test drive, or offering a free logo travel mug for visiting the showroom.  Many retailers offer an imprinted handout simply for watching a product demonstration.  For example an imprinted jar opener, or compressed sponge is a low cost handout given to women who stop to view a cooking demonstration at the supermarket.

Service Providers - Everyone in the service industry is a potential user of imprinted promotional items. The beautician who hands out imprinted compacts and logo mirrors, the local plumber who uses custom printed water conservation guides, or the auto mechanic who uses customized buckle up key tags all realize the value of presenting an imprinted logo item to remind clients of their particular service. In addition to always having their telephone number in hand, it lets their clients and prospects know that their business is appreciated.

Salespeople - People in sales use imprinted leave behind gifts as a reminder of their message, and as a thank you gift for the time spent listening to their presentation. An custom printed promotional item can often reinforce the key points that were made during the meeting. For example, a rotating message pen will have 6 different messages appear in the window barrel, each highlighting a key point that the salesperson made. An imprinted stress reliever in the shape of the product being offered serves as a continual reminder about the salesperson's message.

Fund Raisers - Most people are generous by nature. However, professional fund raisers realize that offering an imprinted gift like  first-aid kits or printed pill boxes will help increase the size of contributions.  Direct mail fund raising campaigns often include an imprinted gift like rulers or magnets that are given in anticipation of the recipient making a donation to the charity.

Health Care Providers - Professionals in the health industry, need to keep their name in front of prospects at all times.  Nursing homes will use imprinted leave behind gifts with the discharge manager at the hospital to remind them of their service. Ambulance company's use imprinted promotional products at the Nurses Station, in order for the them to have a number close at hand in emergencies.  Even dentists use tooth shaped magnets and tooth shaped memo holders to remind clients about their service, and as a way of thanking them for the visits.

Restaurants - Customer loyalty is a major component in having a successful restaurant.  Custom printed promotional gifts for kids are an established way to help. Imprinted handouts like key tag flashlights, breath mints and logo aprons and caps are all effective advertising premiums to help bring back repeat customers.

The list can on and on. Anyone with a product or service to sell is a potential user for a promotional product.  Everyone enjoys freebies, and studies have shown that recipients are more likely to be loyal to those companies or individuals who have presented them with imprinted logo merchandise.

So the question better to ask is who doesn't use imprinted promotional items?