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Terms & Conditions
Terms and Conditions
Payment Terms
Identity-Links requires a full payment to start production. All outstanding balances must be paid in full before any new order production can proceed. By signing the provided Order Acknowledgment, the buyer confirms entrance into a contractual agreement with Identity-Links and approves Identity-Links' permission to first apply any outstanding balance to the payment method provided, until said balance is paid in full, and then move forward with the payment terms as outlined below.

Terms are given at the discretion of Identity-Links. The full amount of an invoice can be charged to the supplied credit card on file at any point before, during, or after production. There is a $50.00 service fee for each returned check. All refunds of $100.00 or more will be returned by bank check within 10-15 business days via first class mail. If a Purchase Order is needed to submit or request payment, Identity-Links will provide the necessary paperwork to the buyer or buyer's accounting department at the time the order is placed.
Check Returns
In all cases where a check is returned for insufficient funds, a $50.00 fee per returned check will be assessed.
Net 30 Terms
If payment terms are granted, the buyer agrees that late payment of an invoice will result in a 1.5% finance charge or the maximum charge permitted by law may be assessed against all accounts with past due balances. The buyer agrees to pay all Identity-Links' attorney and collection agency fees incurred in the pursuit of any amount owed thereunder and not paid when due.
The buyer's submittal of an online order, signature on an Estimate/Quote, or email acceptance of a Sales Order/Order Acknowledgment are all records of conditional acceptance by Identity-Links of the buyer's offer to purchase goods and accept Identity-Links' terms and conditions. These initial records may contain terms that differ from those contained in the buyer's Purchase Order. To the extent that this is the case, Identity-Links expressly conditions its acceptance of the buyer's offer on Identity-Links' assent to the additional or differing terms. The buyer's receipt and retention of the goods shall constitute acceptance of any such additional or differing terms. The buyer and Identity-Links agree that any contract hereby entered into has been made under and will comply with Illinois State Law.
Cancellations and Alterations to Existing Orders
Once the buyer confirms the Order Acknowledgement and Artwork Approval, the order is initiated and production begins. After this time, Identity-Links cannot guarantee the ability to make changes or cancellations to an order. When an order is placed, it is processed and shipped quickly. If changes to an order are necessary, Identity-Links must be contacted immediately. Otherwise, said changes may not be able to be made before the order ships. If additional information is required, the sales representative involved will be available for assistance and clarification.

Identity-Links will make every effort to comply with the buyer's cancellation request. If the buyer has already received the Order Acknowledgment, there will be a minimum charge of $50.00 to cover preparation expenses. In addition, the buyer is liable to pay the agreed upon price for any work completed up to the time that the order is cancelled. Cancellations result in the buyer being assessed for any production charges accrued at the time. These charges may include, but are not limited to: setup charges, artwork preparation charges, paper or product proofs, shipping charges, digitizing or embroidery, and restocking fees. All completed work and costs incurred will be the responsibility of the buyer. These fees will be billed at Identity-Links' discretion.

The best way to avoid cancellation fees is to make selections carefully and thoughtfully and to be 100% confident before moving forward with an order.
Claims, Adjustments, and Returns
No returns of imprinted goods are accepted. Incomplete or partial returns will NOT be accepted. Unauthorized returns are NOT accepted. Any imprinted products returned in violation of this policy will be discarded at Identity-Links' discretion.

Identity-Links strongly advises buyers to open all merchandise to check for quality and satisfaction. If any problems arise with an order, the buyer must contact customer service at 888-282-9507 with the order number immediately or within 15 days of receipt at the very latest. After this time, Identity-Links will be unable to go back to suppliers for credit. If necessary, Identity-Links will issue an RMA (Return Material Authorization) Number and provide the buyer with a special shipping address.

In the case that the buyer believes receipt of a product or order to be erroneous, customer service must be contacted within 5 working days of receipt of the merchandise. Claims made after this time will not be reviewed. Before Identity-Links can begin to process a claim, a sampling of the goods (quantity will be determined at Identity-Links' discretion) must be provided for review. Identity-Links reserves the right to take up to 7 working days to process a claim from the date of receipt of the goods in question. Any credits, returns, or refunds will be processed within 2 business days after review, unless otherwise noted. The Payment Terms section further outlines this process.

In the case of a buyer error or unauthorized return (including rejected shipments), the buyer is responsible for the return freight, unless otherwise noted.
Overages and Shortages
Due to the nature of production and manufacturing standards, overruns and under runs may occur within a 5%-10% range. Therefore, the buyer may receive an overage or shortage on some orders. Identity-Links will produce orders as close to the exact quantity requested as possible, but this is not always attainable due to quality control efforts and fast running machines. Identity-Links reserves the right to ship and subsequently bill or credit, the buyer's charge card or account, for up to 10% over or under the desired quantity.

If the buyer requires a specific quantity, we strongly encourage ordering 10% more than the target quantity. The buyer will only be charged for the quantity shipped. The buyer will not be charged for products that are not received.
Sales Tax
Identity-Links is required by law to collect all applicable state and local taxes for services and goods shipped to Illinois and California. Additionally, if the item ordered ships from a warehouse located in the same state as the buyer, the buyer will be subject to their local state tax rate. Buyers in other states may be required to remit use taxes. Buyers are encouraged to consult a tax advisor if more specific information is needed. Companies, individuals, and organizations exempt from sales tax must provide Identity-Links with a copy of the resale certificate by email or fax to 847-329-9797.
Shipping Policy
All orders will be shipped using Identity-Links account and billed with your order at published rates for that carrier. If you prefer to use your own account, we can accommodate you. Please provide us with the carrier name and your account number via email. If you choose to use your own account, you will be solely responsible for the insuring of your shipment. If your shipment is damaged or lost in transit, you will be responsible for the full invoiced amount of the items.

Under normal circumstances, Identity-Links will guarantee shipment of merchandise on or before the desired deadline. However, the buyer should be aware that Identity-Links cannot be held responsible for delays on the part of the carrier who is delivering said merchandise. In rare instances, Identity-Links may ship the item after the intended ship date using a faster shipping method in order to meet the intended receipt date. The additional cost for this will be at Identity-Links' expense. While an in-hands DATE is guaranteed, Identity-Links is unable to confirm an exact TIME of delivery.
Shipping Delays
Identity-Links is not accountable for delays in delivery occasioned by Acts of God or other circumstances over which there is no direct control. Factory shipment or delivery dates are the best estimates of suppliers, and in no case shall Identity-Links be liable for any damages arising from any delay in delivery.
Transfer of Ownership of Merchandise
All goods become property of the buyer at the time said goods are accepted from the carrier.
Identity-Links warrants that all goods sold are free of any security interest and will make available to the buyer all transferable warranties made to Identity-Links by the manufacturer of the goods. Identity-Links makes no other express or implied warranties and specifically makes no implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for purpose.
Proof Policy
Identity-Links requires that all new orders receive a Digital Proof and Order Acknowledgement prior to releasing the order to final production. A Digital Proof will be provided at no cost and is the best representation of what the final product will look like. The artwork will most often be to size or to scale (as indicated) and is only intended to provide the best possible idea of the completed product. Colors shown on digital proofs are not intended to be an exact representation of how the final imprint will look when printed. Due to the different calibrations of monitors, the colors shown may vary from screen to screen. If a specific color is needed for your logo, the buyer must let Identity-Links know the Pantone color which they would like to have printed.

If an error is discovered during order or artwork proofing, said error must be noted on the paperwork accordingly and/or the sales representative involved contacted. Identity-Links will make any corrections or changes promptly and for no additional charge. All changes must be confirmed in writing, preferably by email.

The Digital Proof and Order Acknowledgement are checked for misspellings and other mistakes (such as item colors, sizing, imprint color, imprint locations, etc.) but, due to order volume, there are rare instances when an error goes unnoticed. For this reason, Identity-Links highly recommends that the buyer carefully check all paperwork before signing off and submitting approval. Identity-Links cannot be held responsible for any incorrect interpretations of artwork or order approval. If additional information is required, the sales representative involved will be available for assistance and clarification.

Identity-Links is not responsible for any typographical mistakes or errors that are overlooked and later approved by the buyer. For example, if an order is supposed to read "Congratulations", but the buyer approves the artwork with a typographical error reading "Congradulations" (a "d" instead of a "t"), Identity-Links cannot be held responsible for the misprint as a result of the error. Furthermore, Identity-Links cannot be held responsible for any damages that may be incurred as a result of the error after the order has been printed and accepted by the buyer. Once the buyer approves the Digital Proof and Order Acknowledgement, Identity-Links is not at liberty to make ANY changes to the order. Whether correct or with errors, the order is printed exactly as approved by the buyer. Therefore, it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT for the buyer to carefully look over ALL paperwork before replying with approval.
Products Displayed
Products displayed on the website are for demonstration purposes only. Actual product and color may vary slightly from the images portrayed on computer monitors. With the limitations in computer monitors and their ability to convey an item’s color or quality, we implore customers to take advantage of our free sample policy to review the item in person prior to placing a bulk printed order. Identity Links can’t be held responsible if the customer forgoes the optional free sample and receives an item which does not meet their expectations in terms of quality, color, size, etc.
Merchandise Consistency
Identity-Links encourages buyers to review a sample of the actual product before ordering in bulk quantity, with the understanding that samples are representative in nature. While Identity-Links is very careful in selecting suppliers and manufacturers, manufacturing variations are unavoidable and a natural result of the manufacturing process. The most common example of this is apparel dye-lots. By choosing to place an order with Identity-Links, the buyer agrees to accept merchandise with reasonable manufacturing variances in product material, color, and packaging.
Imprinting and Ink Colors
Identity-Links will size all artwork to utilize each item's maximum imprint area unless otherwise noted in writing by the buyer. Imprint areas are approximate and may vary from piece to piece. Due to the density of some items, a slight wrinkle may occur when the printing pad comes into contact with the item, which may result in a slight breakup of the imprint. Depending on product color, certain imprint colors will print differently. For instance, a blue imprint on a yellow product may appear with a green tint, a white imprint on a red product may appear with a pink tint, and so forth. Color misregistration of the industry standard of one sixteenth of an inch (1/16") is considered acceptable, but may differ depending on the item. Exact color replication for reorders may vary. Exact color replication for large order may vary. PMS Matching may be available depending on the item. Exact PMS Matching cannot be guaranteed. CMYK color matching process cannot be guaranteed. Identity-Links will advise the buyer of the best ink color for each product at the time of ordering.
QR Code Printing
While QR codes are a convenient and widely used technology for sharing information, it is important to note that we cannot 100% guarantee that a QR code will print or scan correctly when printed. Several factors can impact the accuracy of the QR code, including the quality of the printing device, the printing material used, and the lighting conditions during the scanning process.

Therefore, we strongly recommend that you thoroughly test the printed QR code to ensure its functionality before relying on it for important purposes, such as for business or marketing campaigns. Additionally, it is always a good practice to provide an alternative method for accessing the information encoded in the QR code, such as a URL or a text-based code, to ensure that users can still access the information even if the QR code is not functioning correctly. In some instances, a printer may charge a fee to print QR codes and Identity Links will notify the buyer of any applicable fees.
Site Pricing
Though a great deal of effort is put into keeping Identity-Links' website current and up-to-date, from time to time, actual market conditions may change the price of a product. Identity-Links reserves the right to change prices and descriptions on the website at anytime. If a site price or description is incorrect on an item ordered, Identity-Links will contact the buyer prior to processing the order with the most updated price and information for approval.
Site Images and Descriptions
Identity-Links works to provide clear and color-correct product images and descriptions on the website that best reflect the true nature of the products. Product descriptions (including, but not limited to, information about size, shape, and texture) are as accurate as possible. However, website images are inherently limited in their ability to communicate color, scale, and detail and Identity-Links cautions buyers to be careful about making assumptions strictly from the site image and description alone. Buyers are strongly encouraged to order actual samples. If the buyer chooses not to evaluate a physical sample, Identity-Links cannot be held responsible for discrepancies between the product description or site image as seen on a computer monitor and the final product.
All trademarks and logos are registered trademarks and logos of their respective owners and copyright holders. They are provided only as a convenience for their lawful use and should only be used by said owners, authorized agents, or affiliates with proper permission from the copyright holders. Any buyer from Identity-Links represents and warrants to Identity-Links that he or she has the unrestricted right to use, copy, and distribute each copyright, trademark, service mark, trade name, logo, statement, graphic, artwork, name, photograph, portrait, picture, or illustration of any person or any other intellectual property in the way it is to be printed on or otherwise applied to the promotional merchandise ordered by the buyer. All buyers must agree to defend, indemnify, and hold Identity-Links harmless from any claims, suits, or actions alleging that the promotional merchandise ordered by the buyer violates or infringes upon any rights of any third party.

All buyers are solely responsible for obtaining proper permissions and licenses from third parties whose rights may be violated or infringed. To use any logo, trademark, or copyrighted items, a buyer MUST have written permission from the owner of the logo, trademark, or copyright or be an employee, authorized agent, or affiliate of the owner. A buyer may NOT use any logo or other graphic material in a manner which may infringe copyright. A buyer may NOT use any logo or trademark in a vulgar, libelous, disparaging, or otherwise unlawful manner. Identity-Links assumes no responsibility for any damages or wrongdoings that the buyer may cause using a logo, trademark, or copyrighted item. Identity-Links shall not be held liable for the unauthorized, improper, or illegal use of any logo, trademark, or copyright that is printed on or otherwise applied to promotional merchandise ordered or purchased by the buyer through Identity-Links.

Unauthorized use of trademarks, logos, and copyrights found on this website is illegal.
Copyright Statement
All of the content on this website, including, but not limited to, text, graphics, logos, button icons, images, and data, is the property of Identity-Links or the content suppliers. All of the content is protected by the United States and International Copyright Laws. Copyright is a form of protection provided by the laws of the United States (Title 17, U.S. Code) to the authors of "Original Works of Authorship" including literary, dramatic, musical, artistic, and certain other intellectual works. Copyright is secured automatically when a work is created. This protection is available to both published and unpublished works. Copyright protection subsists from the time the work is created in fixed form. The copyright in the work of authorship immediately becomes the property of the author who created the work. It is illegal for anyone to violate any of the rights provided by the Copyright Law.

Violation of copyright protection is a very serious offense and Identity-Links will take the necessary steps to correct any illegal misuse of its proprietary content.
Right to Refuse Service
Identity-Links reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason. Should it be determined that an order may be fraudulent, Identity-Links, at its own discretion, reserves the right to refuse or cancel any such order for any reason at any time. Identity-Links enforces this policy to ensure a secure, professional, and convenient online shopping environment for all buyers.
Privacy Policy
Identity-Links collects, retains, and uses information about visitors to the website only for specific business purposes, including the following: to protect and administer buyer records and accounts; to comply with certain laws and regulations; to help design or improve Identity-Links' products and services; and to understand buyer and potential buyer needs so that high-quality products and service can be provided.

If Identity-Links believes a legitimate business reason exists for sharing identification and other personal information with a third party, such as to offer a buyer certain discounts, products, or services, such information may be shared with third parties. Identity-Links may also disclose information about its buyers to third parties as required or permitted by applicable law.

Identity-Links may place an electronic "cookie" in the browser files of a guest's computer. Cookies are pieces of information that a website transfers to an individual's computer hard drive for record-keeping purposes. Cookies themselves do not enable Identity-Links access to any guest's personal information; however, they do allow Identity-Links to analyze guest use of the website. This analysis helps Identity-Links to better understand which areas of the website are most useful and popular so improvements and updates can be planned accordingly. Identity Links does not use cookies to retrieve information from a visitor's computer that was not originally sent in a cookie. In addition, Identity-Links may also use standard software to collect non-identifying information about visitors to the website such as: date and time of site access, IP Address (a numeric address given to servers connected to the internet), and web browser used.