Custom BIC Promotional Lighters Printed With Your Logo

The element of fire has always existed on our planet, but humans began to learn how to control it hundreds of thousands of years ago. We have come a long way from the crude beginnings of striking flint against a surface to create a campfire, though. Now, we harvest the basic necessities to make a fire inside a custom lighter that you can take with you everywhere you go.

While we no longer need fire on a regular basis as a weapon against wild beasts or a deterrent of danger, and we definitely don’t need a fire to cook our food when we are in our cozy homes at night, it still comes in handy quite often.

BIC lighters have been used as tools by hundreds of millions of people over the years for everything from lighting birthday candles to setting off fireworks. They are the go-to resources for cigarette smokers, the perfect tool for makeup artists who want to warm their eyeliner pencils up for that smoldering effect, and a must-have in every emergency kit.

In short, a lighter is something that has a use for every person. So if you are looking for a personalized gift for that special someone or you want to stand out from the crowd when you are giving away items for marketing, promotional BIC lighters are the way to go.

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Why Choose Custom BIC Logo Lighters?

A lighter isn’t always something that a non-smoker will think of to buy for themselves, but once you put that tool in front of them and they learn how useful it is, they’ll want to have it on hand all the time. And every time they use it, they will think of you.

This is a smart business concept for every company, no matter how big or small. The idea behind promotional items is that they work as a source of free or inexpensive advertising. You give out gifts that should be useful and the recipient appreciates them, and you by extension. The recipient then recommends you to friends and acquaintances when someone is in need of the services you provide.

Passive advertising is done through items like custom BIC logo lighters, as well. If a passerby happens to see your logo on the lighter, your name is now familiar to them. When they look for companies that offer the same services as you, yours rings a bell. People are more likely to choose a business that they are even passingly familiar with over a complete unknown, so the odds are in your favor that they will turn to you for their needs.

However, if your promotional item is something that is unnecessary and frivolous, chances are it will sit in a drawer somewhere or get tossed in the garbage can as soon as you leave the premises. You will then have left your current or prospective client with the taste in their mouth that you don’t know what they need or are looking for, and you will have wasted your money on an item that won’t garner you the advertising you were hoping for.

Consider the needs of your ideal client-base carefully. Would they appreciate and benefit more from custom BICs that will come in handy at unexpected but important times, or yet another pen or temporary box of candy?

Design Your Promotional BIC Lighters

Once upon a time not too long ago, BIC lighters came in a basic variety of primary colors. They weren’t ugly, but they were boring. There was nothing special or unique that would make them stand out as a good gift or promotional item.

Now, however, Identity Links has created a way for you to take this once mundane, simple item and turn it into a unique, thoughtful, and useful present. With their custom BIC lighters at a low minimum purchase, it’s simple to design a memorable gift for any audience.

Custom logo BIC lighters come in multiple colors to match your brand, and your imprint can be placed on each lighter. The more the better, since everyone will want to use your considerate gift during every special occasion, when they light their scented candles at home, and in emergencies, increasing your company’s exposure each time.

But it’s not enough to throw your name out there as much as you can. It has to be associated with a quality product. If you give out gifts that break or fail when used, you are creating a negative connotation with your name. You can serve the dual purpose of promoting your brand and printing your logo on the world’s most trusted lighter, letting you confidently hand out your promotional gifts.

Custom printed BIC lighters are a hot gift to any adult recipient. Perfect for barbecues, concerts, camping trips, dispensaries, and more, your personalized custom BIC lighter will be appreciated for years to come, and Identity Links has exactly what you need to make a burning impression.

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