Custom Promotional Lighters Personalized with Your Logo

No matter what your business is, making a good return on your investment is the ultimate bottom line. No one can operate in the red, whether you are looking to make a profit or are a non-profit organization. Promotional products are a cost-effective way to market to a wide audience, and when you have a unique item like custom lighters, your investment is sure to be smart.

When you purchase a promotional product that makes professional sense, it increases your return on investment and expands your audience, driving customers to your business because they have been exposed to your brand and your name. It’s a sound investment that has been used for decades to reduce marketing budgets and increase exposure.

Promotional items need to be useful as well as catchy, though. A free product with your logo on it that sits in a desk drawer collecting dust won’t draw the attention of your customers or prospective audiences. Custom printed lighters are always a good choice for adult customers, since they are versatile and beneficial in a wide array of settings.

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Why Custom Logo Lighters are a Great Promotional Giveaway

Custom lighters add pizzazz to celebratory events and come in handy at birthday parties. They are a necessary component in every emergency or first aid kit used in cars, houses, or camping backpacks. These lighters are used to light scented candles at home, celebrate a success with a classic cigar, or simply to start a fire in the backyard on a cool night.

When those lighters are used and they have your business’s logo on them, your company is reinforced in the user’s mind as someone they appreciate, and who knows how to distribute thoughtful, useful gifts.

Custom logo lighters can be designed by you and purchased at Identity Links. These promotional items fit any budget and are offered in standard styles, electronic barbecue lighters, and stylish and sophisticated versions for the more exclusive client.

Since you can order custom lighters with a low minimum purchase, it’s a breeze to mix and match your choices. If you have certain clients who would prefer simple and classic, you can easily order theirs, while others may enjoy vibrant hues, soft pastels, or elegant silver Zippos.

You no longer have to buy one-size-fits-all custom printed lighters and hope your client likes them. Show off your professionalism and eye for detail by showing your recipient that you noticed, recognized, and used their taste and style in your selection of a promotional gift.

Design Your Custom Promotional Lighters

When you began your company, you probably decided on a brand that you would use to help customers identify your business. This brand recognition, used by multi-billion dollar companies, is crucial to your company’s success.

Gifting promotional items with your brand on them makes it easier for your clients or customers to remember and recognize what you offer. Statistics in multiple marketing studies have shown that about 89% of consumers can remember who gave them a promotional marketing product within the past two years.

But the choice of product and design are important to these numbers. If you choose an item that is made of low-quality materials and falls apart quickly, you are making your logo synonymous with poor quality, cheap work.

Personalized lighters at Identity Links are made of top quality materials and can be designed based on your specifications. You can have custom promotional lighters personalized with your custom logo, choose from world-wide favorites like BIC and Zippo, and use standard lighters or flexible utility lighters. The decisions are extensive when it comes to personalization, and all custom lighters have a low minimum to order.

Get More Exposure for Your Money

Large businesses used to use the majority of their marketing budget on television or radio ads, billboards, and other forms of advertising that would be gone from their audiences’ sight or hearing within seconds. Over time, though, they learned that promotional items are the gifts that keep on giving.

The right promotional gift, like a lighter personalized with your custom logo, stays in use for years and is a constant reminder of your business. The fact that they are more cost-effective than other expensive methods of marketing makes them a business expense you will be glad that you invested in.

Through Identity Links, you get to choose the custom promotional lighters that will work for you and all of your clients, making you and your company the hot topic of conversation for years to come!

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