Custom Printed Sunglasses and Promotional Logo Sunglasses

The popularity of sunglasses has increased dramatically over the past few decades. Once used by movie stars and celebrities in the 20's and expanding into the boardwalk of Atlantic City, these accessories are now used around the modern world and have become a billion-dollar industry consisting of everything from standard or designer frames to custom printed sunglasses.

Now that sunglasses are so easily accessible, it’s common to find them in just about every home around the globe. Because of their popularity, these products are also a great choice for businesses who want to use promotional items as part of their marketing strategy.

Bulk custom sunglasses are a smart investment for both small and large businesses. With a wide range of choices and styles suitable for just about any budget, the return on investment in this marketing avenue is a sound strategy.

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Why Use Promotional Sunglasses?

When it comes to your advertising, you don’t want to make costly mistakes that other companies before you have already learned. Many companies once spent a large portion of their marketing budget on things like billboards, magazines, and television advertisements, only to learn that these pricey strategies did not yield the return they had hoped for.

Statistics on marketing and researching show that approximately 53% of people polled were able to recall businesses they saw in a magazine within a two-year time frame. However, over 73% remembered the name of a company that provided them with a promotional item in that same amount of time.

In short, spending part of your marketing budget on promotional items to give away may sound like a juxtaposition, but it actually makes smart business sense.

There’s a caveat there, though: the item you provide has to offer a usable service and be professional. When those two factors are not involved in your giveaway, the money you spent will be wasted as the item sits in a drawer and collects dust or is thrown away.

With the popularity of accessories, you can’t go wrong when you purchase custom printed sunglasses as your promotional item. Just be sure you provide enough for everyone or you may cause an inner-office battle amongst your customers as they fight for the right to keep the coveted gift.

Design Your Custom Logo Sunglasses

Many companies hand out business cards left and right to introduce their services to potential customers. Sure, they are usually inexpensive, but most of the time those cards end up lost or directly thrown into the garbage can. Who needs more business cards cluttering up their desk, purse, or car?

Promotional sunglasses serve the same role of providing your company’s information, brand, and logo to your customer, but unlike business cards, they are functional, versatile, and useful. They can also be professional or fun, depending on your client base.

If you design your custom printed sunglasses correctly, they will be used by the recipient frequently. Every time they are used, your company is re-imprinted into their mind as one that provides useful, quality items instead of junk that takes up space or is a waste of money.

When your custom logo sunglasses are created at reputable companies like Identity Links, you know you are getting quality products at great prices. Order a few at a time or jump in and get bulk custom sunglasses - either way, they are going to be a hit when you hand them out.

Your message or custom imprint can be designed and combined with stylish glasses a la the classic frames associated with the Blues Brothers or Risky Business, but the options don’t end there. Choose from placing your logo on the lens or the frames, pick your preference of aviator or classic styles, and add in the right UV ray blocking lens features for beach and outdoor use.

Looking for more trendy or fun styles? Try the glow-in-the-dark frames or slotted shades. Kids will love the youth surfer style or neon logo sunglasses. The color changing style is also a crowd-pleaser across any industry.

No matter which styles you choose to use as your custom printed sunglasses promotional item, you will shine brightly in front of your audience when you hand them out. With all of the styles and choices to select from, you can target multiple consumers with a variety of interests instead of being stuck giving the same thing to everyone.

Instead of repeating the same business mistakes made by other companies over the years, why not learn from their successes? Promotional items are the business strategy used by companies all over the world, and you can make yours unique by choosing promotional logo sunglasses to be your go-to product.

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