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What Can You Do with Lanyards and Badge Holders?

Not everyone needs to carry their IDs around their necks or attached to their person at all times, so why would they want an ID lanyard as a gift? You can give them multiple ideas to jump-start their excitement with your promotional product and ensure they use it regularly, and then they will naturally find plenty of their own uses for it! !

Although lanyards are most commonly used for company badges and key fobs, they also have many other uses. They provide a convenient and safe place for writing utensil storage, so you aren't setting your pens down and losing them, or they can function as a phone storage case when combined with the cell phone attachment, which helps you find your phone instead of setting it down and misplacing it.

Lanyards can also be used as storage for those often-used items like individual keys, small screwdrivers, USB drives, memory cards, and other light items. Just place them in the little pouch that can be attached to the lanyard.

Worried about safety? Attach your whistles or pepper spray when you're walking around at night.

Of course, lanyards also make a great promotional giveaway when you add your own information. Company logo lanyards and custom printed badges can be used as a classy touch for any organization and can act as your business card, business card holder, or storage for a prize during contests or events!

In addition to these common uses, you will likely find your own functional way to enjoy and appreciate your custom ID badge holder lanyard.

Design Your Regular or Retractable Lanyard Badge Holder

Quality custom promotional lanyards and custom printed holders can be found at Identity Links. These logo lanyards are delivered on time exactly the way you ordered them, with graphics that are easy to read, vibrant, and sharp.

When you order a customizable lanyard, you have a variety of options. Identity Links lets you choose from a wide selection of custom lanyards and retractable ID badge holders.

Lanyards are not made the same everywhere, and they should be chosen based on your main plan of use for them. There are standard use cords that are durable but small, thick full-color selections often used to store pins and make the lanyard personalized to the wearer, those that are made of nylon or polyester, novelty lanyards, lanyards with storage pouches, and even some that go around water bottles to secure your drink close to you.

Badge holders come in multiple options as well. You can determine if your ideal customer would prefer one with a pen stylus to keep their writing utensils nearby, a tag bracelet, those that carry electronics in them, or even some that raise awareness for different causes.

No matter which design you choose, you can have your business information and logo imprinted on them to expand your name throughout the industry. When you order a quality product that is useful to your recipient, your return on the investment you made will compound.

If you are not sure which design or style you prefer, you can always request your free sample of any promo lanyard offered. The prices are affordable, the options are extensive, and the service is excellent!

Choosing Identity Links to be the source of your marketing strategy ensures that you’ll have high-quality products that you can order easily or with the help of our customer service. They’ll arrive on time and in great shape, letting you get started with the exciting job of advancing your business with a great promotional product!

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