Full Color 12oz Sparkling Canned Water
Item#: CNWT412

Custom Printed Full Color 12oz Sparkling Canned Water

  • Looking for a refreshing and eco-friendly way to quench your thirst while showcasing your logo or message?
  •  Look no further than our Promotional Canned Sparkling Water! Made with pure, crisp water and natural flavors, our seltzer comes in a convenient and eco-friendly aluminum can that is infinitely recyclable.
  • Unlike plastic bottles, aluminum cans are a sustainable choice as they can be recycled over and over again without losing quality.
  • Plus, our seltzer is custom printed with a full color decal, making it the perfect promotional medium for your next event or giveaway.
  • Keep hydrated and promote your brand at the same time with our refreshing digitally printed Sparkling water in a sleek and stylish aluminum can.
  • Please add $50.00 Setup Fee

Additional Information

Approximate Size: 12oz
Available Flavors: Sparkling available in either Pure Unflavored or Citrus Flavor
Please Note: Best By (BB) date is printed on the bottom of the can, shelf life is a year from canning date
Price Includes: Customizable Full Color Digital label