Custom Logo Laser Pointers

A combination of useful and fun to use, printed laser pointers are a hit with people of all ages, and their pets! We carry a range of styles, including laser pens, key tags, flashlights, styluses and extending pointers. They're the perfect visual aid to guide your audience through speeches, presentations and sales pitches. Then, you can go home and entertain your cats for hours.

With all of these important uses, it's no wonder that a custom logo pointer is the go-to promotional marketing product for companies and business owners looking to make an impact on their clients!

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Design Your Logo Pointer

A branded laser pointer can be a unique promotional item for the recipient. They will use it frequently, and every time they do, your company's name will be spotlighted in their mind - if you design your custom pointer correctly.

To start, choose a color, shape, and size that matches your company's brand and persona. Make it stand out and be memorable rather than blending in with other promotional items your clients may have received. Once you've found the perfect product, send us your artwork and we'll have your logo imprinted on your pointers.

Please be aware that some of our pointers have restrictions on the number of colors available for imprinting.

Custom Pens With Laser Pointer

Depending on your clients, you might want to choose the custom laser pointer pens that double as a stylus if you know they use tablets, smartphones, or touchscreen computers frequently. For those who prefer a classic look, be sure to go with the crowd-pleasing trifecta, a 3-in-1 laser pointer in the standard black, blue, and red options.

It's just as important to customize a useful and professional promotional item as it is to ensure you know your audience. We carry a big selection of promotional laser pointers, ranging from the standard pens to the unique bullet-shaped laser and ballpoint pen keychains so you can make the point that you understand your clients' needs and interests. You can even request samples of items you are trying to decide between.

Why Choose a Promotional Laser Pointer?

Promotional products are crucial for any business, big or small. They have multiple benefits that make their return on investment worth the cost. When you can find a cost-effective method of advertising that reaches a wide audience and cuts your marketing budget at the same time, it just makes smart business sense.

These types of items have been used in marketing for decades as giveaways and free advertising. The problem, though, is that you are promoting in a saturated market where recipients are jaded to certain products. In fact, statistics show that 8 in 10 consumers have at least one, and closer to ten, promotional products in their possession at any given time.

This doesn't mean you need to turn to another source of expensive advertising to make an impact in your field. Instead, it just means you need to find promotional items that stand out from the other companies that market in your industry. That's where a logo laser comes in.

When your promotional item is a hit, it is generalized that somewhere around 85% of your recipients will do business with you after receiving your gift. But if it's a tacky item or one that is not good quality, you are associating your business's name with a poor, useless product, and that is a death knell for any company.

Make sure your promotional laser pointer is made of top quality materials and comes from a reputable distributor, like Identity Links. We offer custom printed promotional laser pointers with your logo or imprint on them, and rush service options are also available if needed.

Make an impact that will be remembered for years and an impressive return on your investment. Turn to Identity Links and create your unique custom printed promotional laser pointer pens.

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