Custom Promotional Storage Clipboards Personalized with Your Logo

A commonly overlooked staple of businesses everywhere is the versatile clipboard. This little piece of equipment is necessary to keep paperwork organized, but it also has many other unconventional uses. In fact, personalized clipboards are a favorite product to receive as gifts or promotional giveaway items, with good reason!

Yes, these are not just for the office area anymore. Beyond the typical use of holding papers and storing files, those with a flair toward crafts have figured out ways to utilize them as functional decor or useful accessories in their office and homes. Car owners who prefer not to have clutter all over their vehicle have learned that these tools are the solution to many of their problems. And business owners have learned through proven results that marketing with custom printed clipboards is an excellent return on their investment!

So what can you do with clipboards that makes them so popular? Well, it all depends on whether you go the standard route or shake it up by using one with storage.

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Using Your Custom Storage Clipboard

The best way to coordinate meetings so that everything is prepared and organized, custom storage clipboards are a must for the busy executive. They help the user demonstrate an air of professionalism and avoid the hassle of flipping through multiple files and notebooks for the necessary document or missing item.

A quality personalized clipboard with storage has uses outside of the boardroom or presentation lobby, though. You can store your office essentials in it, keep regularly used files or materials on hand, and use it as the hard surface you need to do your paperwork.

They're indispensable once you get accustomed to having them around, and with all of the need for them, custom printed clipboards from reputable distributors like Identity Links are just what you need to increase your business's exposure in the industry.

If you really want to stand out with your promotional freebies, you can invest in a personalized clipboard with storage that has a calculator attached to it. These extra touches show that you go the extra mile for your customers, and every time the recipient uses it, they will be reminded of your business and how well you could foresee and take care of their needs.

What Else Can You Do With Custom Printed Clipboards?

The majority of your clientèle may be office-based, but what about those who already have their organizational system in place or don't need to look professional for a meeting?

The good news is that your marketing strategy does not need to change. You can still provide your customers with the promotional storage clipboards you chose and suggest some of these other uses for them. For example, they're a great way to use road maps when driving for those areas where GPS signal is lost or just doesn't cut it. The storage compartment holds those often used items such as writing utensils, tissues, and receipts - making it a versatile storage option in the car. Musicians will love being able to use your plastic clipboard with storage to hold and store their sheet music during and after practices, and cooks will appreciate having them to keep their recipes right where they need them to be without getting full of ingredients.

When it comes to innovative ways to make functional use out your custom clipboard with storage, the individual's imagination and needs are the limit.

Design Your Promotional Storage Clipboards

Whether you want the standard plastic or the more sophisticated metal board with storage, Identity Links has everything you are looking for to make your custom promotional storage clipboard.

Each custom printed clipboard has a built-in storage area that holds up to 50 sheets of paper. Choose from flip-top or standard designs to have your logo and business information imprinted upon and your preference of legal or letter sizes.

Extra touches that show your eye for detail include calculators and light clips. The added touch combined with your professional logo goes a long way in showing your customers that you appreciate them.

Whatever style and design you choose, ordering through Identity Links ensures that you receive quality, affordable products delivered to your door on time and as you ordered them. You'll be ready to turn around and present your promotional items right away, getting started on increasing your business's exposure and generating a return on your investment.

Customize your personalized storage clipboards with Identity Links and watch your business's productivity soar!

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