Vinyl Cutout Car Decals (Up to 12 Cutout Areas)
Item#: AUTO006

Custom Printed Vinyl Cutout Car Decals (Up to 12 Cutout Areas)



  • Simple designs recommended.
  • Maximum size not to exceed 3 1/2" x 6".
  • Minimum 5/16" letters with 1/16" stroke.
  • Minimum 3/64" between letters.
  • No cut out areas less than 3/64".
  • Permanent self-sticking. 7 year premium cast vinyl, with imprint that will remain sharp and clear for the life of the product. 
  • Premasked for easy application. 
  • Decal application kit is included.
  • Larger sizes available; please call for pricing.



Additional Information

Approximate Size: Up to 10" sq in.
Colors Available: Black; Blue; Green; Metallic Gold; Metallic Silver; Red; White; Yellow
Price Includes: One color vinyl.