Custom Printed Promotional Air Fresheners & Custom Car Air Fresheners

Do you have that favorite smell that takes you back to a time when you felt carefree and relaxed? Or maybe a scent that invigorates you and wakes you up to start your day? Whatever your smell of choice is, when you walk into a room that holds that scent in the air, you automatically feel better, and that’s where custom air fresheners come in to play.

Because of this desire to enjoy our favorite fragrances, air fresheners have become a popular industry throughout the world. Once consisting of just a few basic scents, they can now be custom created in just about any fragrance or design you choose.

Even better, the number of customization options means there’s no reason you can’t have that “feel-good” reaction just about everywhere you go.

Choose From Over 300 Refreshing Scents!

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The History of Custom Air Fresheners

You may have grown up around the pine-tree freshener hanging from your rearview mirror and the carcinogenic aerosol sprays that defined the 50s through the 80s. Or maybe yours is the era of incense and peppermints. And recent years brought in the innovative designs of essential oils, diffusers, and wall plug-ins.

No matter what your preference is, the fact is that air fresheners have been around for thousands of years. They began back in 1200 BCE, when a woman named Tapputi was designated the official perfume maker of her time in Mesopotamia. She learned that plants could be used to mask unpleasant odors by extracting their scent, and thus the first perfumes were born.

These perfumes were only custom-made for priests for a long time, but eventually, in the 6th century, the knowledge and use of scents for science and pleasure spread. Scents were blended with concrete to create pleasant-smelling buildings, new ways to use scents for trade were created, and entire industries based on these fragrances boomed.

Even the royals used custom perfumes in the courts daily, creating a popularity for this regimen that broadened to commoners and expanded throughout the world, eventually becoming the commonly seen activity we have today.

This once limited product has exploded and is now found in everything, making it possible for you to have access to your favorite scents in designs and uses that work for your individual needs.

Custom Car Air Fresheners and More For You!

The air in your vehicle can get stale or even unpleasant, depending on how stagnant it is or what has been in your car. It’s difficult to vacuum and scrub out your carpets every day and nearly impossible to keep that coveted “new car” smell!

Luckily, car fresheners have come a long way since their original use to mask the odor of horses as passengers traveled by carriage hundreds of years ago.

In place of the old paper pine trees that would get in your way or lose their fragrance quickly, you can now find custom-printed promotional air fresheners and in just about any scent or design you prefer, if you know where to look.

Identity-Links offers many different refreshing scents. You’re sure to find your favorite fragrance here! They’re available at a low minimum purchase, and all you have to do is decide which scent and design you prefer!

You can order custom air fresheners printed with your logo or imprint in full color to give as a gift, use for your business, or simply enjoy for yourself. Your imagination is the limit!

Personalized gifts are all the rage today, whether they’re for your friends and family or your business prospects and clients. But who wants yet another pen or stress ball? It’s time to get original.

You can make a custom air freshener for your loved one’s upcoming special occasion or design one with your business information on it to pass out as you are prospecting or touching base with existing clients. It’s different, it’s unique, and it stands out - making you stand out, too!

The best part is that unlike stress balls or other overused personalized items, an air freshener is more likely to be appreciated and used. And every time someone comments on it or notices it, your information becomes fresh in their mind!

Customize Your Scent Today

With a low minimum purchase and nearly unlimited freedom with your design, ordering a custom-printed promotional or car air freshener from Identity Links is a smart business and personal move.

It’s an incredible tool to boost your name in your industry, make your loved ones feel special, or transport you back to that special time using your favorite scent.

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