Fingerless Gloves Delux
Item#: GLV300

Corporate Gift Fingerless Gloves Delux

  • Embrace the cold weather by being prepared!  Fingerless Glove Mittens are the best of both worlds!  Keep warm and toasty by folding closed the mitten flap.  Operate phones, ipods, and more with a simple flip.  Your hands stay miraculously warm while your fingers are free to work!  Fingerless Glove Mittens are stylish and practical - you will not believe how you got along without them!
  • Acrylic fingerless gloves. 
  • One size fits most.
  • Please add $50.00 Setup Fee

Additional Information

Colors Available: Black, Navy, Charcoal, Brown, Red, Vanilla, Charcoal Gray
Price Includes: Embroidery Both Gloves Up To 5000 Stitches