Promotional 9 oz Glow Martini Glass

  • Please add $50.00 Set Up Fee
  • Please add $0.25 Additional Color/Location
  • 9 oz Glow Martini Glass with your custom imprint or logo.
  • Turn any martini into an eye-catching advertisement.
  • Perfect for bars, restaurants, nightclubs, and more.
  • This mesmerizing martini glass sells your image and your liquor!
  • Glow items are by nature 1 time use items. Press in the glass ampule on the sides to activate the glow. 
Not everyone has the hand strength needed to crack the glow ampules by squeezing.
If you find it too difficult to do it by hand, an easy solution is to find the ampule on either side and press it against the edge of a table or bar until you hear it crack. Give the whole cup a good shake to mix and disperse the glow, then..... ENJOY THE EFFECT.
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