Promotional Bicycle Tire Patch Kit

  • Please add $50.00 Setup Fee
  • Our custom imprinted Bicycle Patch Kits are useful to every cyclist on the go! 
  • We offer these kits in 3 varieties: the traditional Glue Patch Kit, Glueless Patch Kit, Bicycle Patch Kit with Tire Levers.
  • Standard Glue Patch Kit includes: 6 patches, sandpaper for creating a clean adhesion surface, and patch kit glue that vulcanizes the patch to the tube to create a permanent seal.
  • Glueless Patch Kit includes: glueless patches are self adhesive so they're quick and easy. Use the included sandpaper to clean the puncture spot and then just peel 'n stick.
  • Bicycle Patch Kit with Tire Levers includes: a standard bicycle patch kit with glue in a box with 3 custom printed tire levers.
  • Bicycle Patch Kits are ideal giveaways for state and local safety programs, as well as for any company or organization wanting to promote safety, health, environmental protection, and fun!

    KIT TYPE      125       250       500       1000    
    Standard        2.05 
    Glueless       2.05
    Lever Kit        4.50 
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