Promotional 12" x 21" CoolFiber Cooling Towel Full Bleed

  • Please add $60.00 Free Setup Fee
  • Please add $1.15 Clear Tube
  • Our line of custom printed Cool Fiber Cooling towels are must-have promotional items if you are in the construction, fitness, or landscaping industry. Any job or hobby that requires you to be outside can be made much more enjoyable through the cooling properties of our promotional cooling towels.
  • In order to activate our imprinted 12" x 21" CoolFiber Cooling Towel, simply soak in water, wring it, and then snap it. After about 20 seconds, it will being to evaporate the water and reduce temperature around the towel by roughly twenty degrees. Each soaking can last 1-2 hours.
  • Available in a multitude of sized. Simply search up coolfiber cooling towel in order to find all of our sized.
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