Ten Tips for Purchasing Promotional Items

Ten Tips
With over 18,000 distributors for imprinted promotional products, and over 600,000 product choices, the process of purchasing give away items can often be overwhelming.

Here are 10 quick tips to make the decision a bit easier.

  1. Know Your Target Market - Determine the demographics of our target market, and their level of sophistication.  Age groups are important of course, but so are income levels, job functions, and familiarity with high tech products.

  2. Determine the Image You Want to Portray - The promotional item that carries your logo represents the image of your company or organization.  Do you want it to be serious and functional, trendy, silly, or fun? Even the color of the item will convey a subtle message about who you are. 

  3. Set Your Budget Ahead of Time - Before contacting your promotional products representative, determine the per piece budget.  Do you want to use fewer promotional products and give a more expensive gift, or go with a mass handout at a lower cost?

  4. Always See the Product First - Promotional products often look good in a catalog, but can often feel lightweight or flimsy.

  5. Know Where You Want the Product Seen - Determine ahead of time if you want your logo advertised in the office , home,  or pocket.

  6. Request Multiple Samples - Your promotional products vendor should have no problem in supplying 2, 3, or  even 4 samples for you to choose from.

  7. Get Feedback From Your Associates - Show the proposed items to your associates to see their opinions.  Don't be too hasty in deciding if it's the right or wrong item.   Choosing  promotional products is a very personal.

  8. Know What Your Competitors Are Promoting - You don't want to be a "me-too" marketer.  There is nothing worse than handing a gift to a prospect or client who says that he just received the same item from your competitor.

  9. Choose the Right Promotional Products Vendor - Promotional products vendors have the same or similar products. But that's as far as it goes. You need to trust your vendor to deliver on time, and advice of how to best decorate the product. Be sure you are dealing with someone who has experience, and a proven track record of satisfying the client's needs.

  10. Negotiate the Best Price - You have buying power anytime your order is $1000 or more.  Don't be shy to press your vendor for the best possible price.

Once your order of imprinted promotional products arrives, the fun part begins. Now is the time when you hand them out to your clients and prospects.  Present each custom printed handout with pride, and convey the idea that you've chosen it especially for them.